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8 artists will participate in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on 6 March!

Read here for all the rules for participation process

Photo: Ida Guldbæk Arentsen © Ritzau Scanpix

It is the ambition that the Danish Melody Grand Prix will be Denmark's largest music festival and a celebration of Danish music and songwriting art, where the songs represent the quality and breadth of the Danish music scene. And it is a hope that the winning song, due to its high quality, has the potential to represent Danish music and Danish culture in the most distinguished way at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Today it's announced by national broadcaster DR that the competition will be held on 06Mar2020 and participating rules are as below;

1. Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021 is a Danish national music competition where 8 songs participate in a TV show in DR Byen on Saturday, March 6, 2021. An editorial professional judging committee appointed by DR , selects songs from submitted entries and contributions via a separate dialogue with the Danish music industry. All contributions must be delivered as a high-quality study demo. The winning entry must represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (ESC 2021).

2. Either a composer, lyricist or performing artist must be a Danish citizen or have a similarly strong connection to Denmark. (Residence in Denmark for a number of years, married or in a relationship with a Dane or similar). Danes residing in the Faroe Islands and Greenland, who are registered in the population register there, can also participate in the competition. In case of doubt, DR finally decides on participation. This decision cannot be appealed.

3. The original compositions selected for the competition (music / lyrics / demo recording - hereinafter referred to as "the song") must have a maximum duration of 3 minutes. The songs must not have been performed, published or sold in any way without the express consent of DR . By performance, publication and sale is meant that the song must not:

• have been played at public venues, including radio, television, concerts, as well

• must not have been publicly available on websites (eg Youtube / Soundcloud / Spotify etc.), or

• sold through physical or digital stores.

If the song has been published previously, DR must be made aware of this immediately, and DR will decide whether the song can participate in the competition.

If the above is not complied with, DR may at any time choose to disqualify the selected song, provided that DR deems that the song violates the EBU's set of rules for ESC 2021 or has obtained a competitive advantage over the other songs.

4. Composers and lyricists can contribute with multiple contributions.

5. The song is performed in optional language at the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021. The winning song is performed in optional language at ESC semifinals and finals 2021. Language is chosen together with DR . The text must not contain compromising political messages, swear words or other unacceptable language. No commercial messages of any kind are allowed.

6. Songs can be submitted electronically via and must be delivered as a high-quality study demo. Songs that are uploaded before 20 November 2020 will be listened to with a view to a possible participation in the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021. DR also separately encourages the Danish music industry to contribute songs to the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021.

7. All songs that meet the competition criteria will be listened to by an editorial professional judging committee set up by DR . The result cannot be appealed.

8. When the songs that are to participate in the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021 have been finally selected, DR will contact the authors of the selected songs, and it will later be published on that the songs for the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021 have been found.

9. The titles of the selected songs, the names of the composers and lyricists as well as soloists, etc. published by DR in a press release or at a press conference when all authors have been contacted and binding agreements have been entered into.

Until this happens, the selection is kept secret and all parties composer / lyricist / soloist / s / other actors / managers / other representatives are subject to confidentiality. The parties are also obliged to observe confidentiality with all other confidential matters at DR , including trade secrets, and otherwise all matters of a commercial and production nature that they may become acquainted with in connection with the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021.

10. At the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the songs must be performed as a singback, and here all vocals must be 100 percent live. Choir on the backing track can in certain cases be agreed in more detail with DR .

11. There may not be more than six people on stage at the performance of the song at ESC.

12. Participants must be 16 years of age on the day of the broadcast, which is March 6, 2021.

13. Composers, lyricists 'or soloists' existing agreements with record companies and managements or other partners are irrelevant to DR , and will not be given importance in the settlement of competition and TV shows. Thus, the composer (s), lyricist (s), soloists and other contributors as well as possibly record companies, managements or other partners accept the EBU's terms and conditions.

14. Composers, lyricists and soloists participating in the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021 undertake to participate in a joint Melodi Grand Prix 2021 release. The Danish contribution at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is obliged to participate in an ESC 2021 compilation physically or digitally , which is published by a record company chosen by the EBU.

15. Release of the songs from the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021 is published by further agreement between DR and the relevant parties.

16. DR makes the final decision on the production of the TV show and the performance of the songs. This applies to areas such as instrumentation, props for the stage, camera work, lighting, choreography, graphics, monitor, PA and TV sound, costumes, styling, etc.

All marketing, press work and SOME activities must be approved and coordinated by DR 's press department.

17. Personal sponsorship of soloists eg in the form of clothes, jewelry, costumes, etc. is not allowed.

18. By participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the Danish contribution must accept the EBU's rules and regulations in force at any given time.

19. The terms "DANSK MELODI GRAND PRIX" or "EUROVISION SONG CONTEST" may not be used in marketing initiatives of any kind, on CD and DVD covers, digital publications or other forms of reproduction without prior written agreement with DR and / or EBU.

20. DR and the EBU have the right to publicly perform, record and broadcast the Danish winning number, both in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, in prelude programs before and after the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, as well as over the Internet, etc. - all in accordance with the rules in force at any given time. terms and conditions decided by the EBU.

21. If a composer, lyricist, soloist, other contributors, managers or other representatives violate any of the above rules, DR reserves the right to exclude a song or the soloist (s), and thereby in whole or in part not to pay fees or compensation in any form. Previously paid fees, etc. may be refunded.

22. In the event of a breach of the rules of publication and competition, caused by a composer, lyricist, soloist or other contributor, managers or other representatives, this person is solely responsible and obliged to indemnify DR for any claim raised in that regard. DR assumes no responsibility, just as DR reserves the right to exclude the person from further participation.

23. In the days following the holding of the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021, the winner must be available for various press work. In addition, the winner must set aside time for preparation for participation in ESC 2021 and immediately enter into a number of necessary cooperation agreements by further agreement with DR .

Further details will appear and come into force upon conclusion of composer and soloist agreements later in a possible agreement process around participation.

24. No DR employees or members of their household can participate in the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021, unless a separate dispensation has been granted . In case of doubt, the undersigned can be contacted.

25. The competition participants guarantee upon acceptance of the registration, cf. 6, that one follows the above rules.

26. These rules are laid down by DR , which reserves the right to change the rules and / or make decisions on the rules' further adaptation and interpretation.

Source: Søren Therkelsen

Denmark in Eurovision 2020

Ben & Tan was selected through Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020, the music competition that selects Denmark's entries for the Eurovision Song Contest. On 28 January 2020, a special allocation draw was held which placed each country into one of the two semi-finals, as well as which half of the show they would perform in. Denmark was placed into the second semi-final, to be held on 14 May 2020, and was scheduled to perform in the second half of the show.