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Andrea will represent North Macedonia at Eurovision 2022 with her "Circles"


Andrea will perform Circles at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, following a victory at Za Evrosong, where 50% of the vote came from an international jury, and 50% came from an online vote.

The international jury comprised of 5 Eurovision-adjacent judges, who were asked to rank the songs:

  • Malta – Gordon Bonello ranked Andrea first

  • Israel – Tali Eshkoli ranked Viktor first

  • Georgia – Natia Mshvenieradze ranked Andrea first

  • Iceland – Felix Bergsson ranked Lara first

  • Armenia – David Tserunyan ranked Andrea first

Andrea topped the jury vote, with Lara and Viktor finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The results of the online vote went Viktor’s way, with an impressive 12,621 votes in total converting to 12 points, to Kaly’s 10 points and Andrea’s 8.

Circles was composed by Aleksandar Masevski with lyrics from both Aleksandar Masevski and Andrea.