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Arilena Ara's Shaj revamp is released! "Fall From The Sky"


Arilena Ara who is the winner of Festival-i Kenges 2019, is announced as the representative of Albenia for Eurovision 2020 with her song "Shaj". However Arilana decided to revamp her song from Albanian to English language. Her revamped song named as "Fall From The Sky"

You can listen her revamped song here ;


About Festival-i Kenges 2019

The grand final took place on 22 December 2019. The twelve finalists were announced on 21 December 2019, and the winner was chosen by a jury consisting of two Albanian members and three international members with connection with Eurovision.

According the odds, it was expected Elvena Gjata to win with her song Me tana. But,

the final result was as below, and Arilena Ara is the winner of Festival-i Kenges 2019 with her song Shaj.


You can view Fall From The Sky's full lyrics from here.