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Ben Dolic will not represent Germany in Eurovision 2021, according to local magazine

Ben Dolic who was internally selected as Germany's representative for Eurovision 2020 with his Violent Thing, might not take part in Eurovision 2021.


There are growing indications that Ben Dolic will not be the German representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - even though official confirmation has not made yet.

Who will compete for Germany at the ESC 2021 in Rotterdam?

This question will probably remain open for a little longer. Because there are many indications that it will not be Ben Dolic. He was born in Slovenia, the song “Violent Thing” was chosen as the German representative for 2020, but he did not appear on the big stage in Rotterdam due to the corona pandemic.

While numerous countries quickly confirmed their acts for 2020 for the coming year, the responsible broadcaster NDR kept a low profile. "We will now discuss with our creative partners what this means in detail for us and our artist Ben Dolic with his successful song 'Violent Thing'", said a statement by ARD entertainment coordinator Thomas Schreiber immediately after the cancellation in March 2020 - since then there has been no further official statement.

According to research by, there is now much to suggest that the 23-year-old will not get another chance to stand on the large ESC stage in the coming year. The promo agency that was responsible for the artist during the hot ESC phase is no longer working for him. Several sources have independently confirmed to that the NDR is already preparing the search for a new act for 2021.

In addition, there is the silence after the appearance on the ARD replacement show in the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie: Ben Dolic had said in an interview on the official ESC channel a week before the said performance that he felt that those responsible for his performance on that evening in the Elphi and the corresponding feedback from the audience wanted to wait. That was seven weeks ago without a decision being communicated, which speaks against a renewed nomination.

This fits in with Ben Dolic's appearance on social media, above all Instagram: While he had emphasized in the past several times, including in a live story with the Swiss ESC act Gjon's Tears, that he would like to compete again for Germany Eurovision as a topic almost disappeared from him. "As one era comes to a close, a new one opens…", he wrote tellingly three weeks ago about a photo from the video for "Violent Thing". He also changed his look compared to the ESC promotional period.