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Ben & Tan will not automatically secured a place in the MGP 2021!

According to official broadcaster of Denmark "DR TV", Melodi Grand Prix will start on a fresh one on 2021.


Danish duo Ben & Tan were going to represent Denmark in Eurovision Song Contest 2020 after winning the Danish open selection Melodi Grand Prix 2020. Due to the current circumstances, EBU has cancelled the 2020 contest and also announced that the 2020 songs will not be eligible for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

The Danish Broadcaster, DR TV, has decided that a new open selection will take place and unfortunately Ben & Tan will not be granted a secure place in the final. (source)

DR's entertainment editor Jan Lagermand Lundme continues to speak about the replacement show EBU will be airing and states:

Only after the corona crisis is over we will start to look at what the Danish Melody Grand Prix will look like next year. But, as mentioned, we choose to see the EBU show as the end of this year's Melodi Grand Prix and will start on a fresh one from next year,

Lundme says and ends:

I understand well if it's been a mixed game for Ben & Tan and the people behind 'Yes'. I'm glad that with the EBU's great Eurovision program, we bring the song to life across Europe and get Ben & Tan out to viewers and fans across Europe. It is a - in the circumstances - a great way to set the musical score for this year's Melody Grand Prix.

Tan: 'It must be someone else's trip next year'

In one half of the Danish Grand Prix duo, the mood is good despite the chaotic Grand Prix year 2020 has proven to be.

Tanne Balcells is obviously upset that her and her partner Ben will not be representing the red-white colors in Rotterdam.But she also thinks it would be weird if they were to compete with 'YES' in the competition next year.

I feel we would take the place from some others.After all, we have tried to be part of the show.It must be someone else's trip next year.That is most fair,

says Tanne Balcells and continues:

And you can run the risk of losing again and then lose, and that's what people remember. So we would rather leave it to victory and then otherwise focus on our music.