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"Ben&Tan" will represent Denmark with the song "Yes"!

For the first time in history MGP Denmark is performed without audience due to Coronavirus. Ben&Tan is the winner of the MGP Denmark 2020, and they will represent Denmark in semi final 2 with the song "Yes"!


10 finalist have competed in Melodi Grand Prix in Denmark and we have a winner!

But how was the complete lineup design for final ?

3 winners were from online regional Semi-Final;

The first 3 finalists were the winners of the online regional Semi-final. Here nine songs competed, where people in Denmark could vote online for their favourite song:

Kenny Duerlund, Ben & Tan and Sander Sanchez.

2 candidates from the online regional Semi-Final;

The regional jury has selected 2 finalists, among the remaining six songs that didn't qualify from the online regional Semi-final:

Jamie Talbot and Emil.

5 candidates from the selection committee;

Benjamin Kissi, Isam B, Jasmin Rose, Maja og de sarte sjæle and Sys Bjerre

The running order for today’s Melodi Grand Prix in Denmark was as below:

1-Isam B – "Bølger"

2-Ben & Tan – "Yes"

3-Maja & De Sarte Sjæle – "Den eneste goth i Vejle"

4-Benjamin Kissi – "Faith"

5-Emil – "Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig"

6-Sys Bjerre – "Honestly"

7-Jamie Talbot – "Bye Bye Heaven"

8-Sander Sanchez – "Screens"

9-Kenny Duerlund – "Forget It All"

10- Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops – "Human"

The final took place today. In the first round of voting the top three advanced to a superfinal based on the votes of a ten-member jury (50%) and a public vote (50%).

The top three is selected as below in superfinal;

Ben&Tan- Yes, Jasmin Rose ft. RoxorLoops - Human, Kenny Duerlund - Forget It All

In the superfinal, the winner is selected by the public and jury vote.

And Ben & Tan is the winner of superfinal and they will represent Denmark in Eurovision 2020.

You can listen their song here;