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Cyprus: CyBC will not ask Sandro to be back for Eurovision 2021


According to an article from a Cypriot Eurovision Fan Page; Cypriot magazine TV Mania has been informed on Sandro, who was due to represent the country in the cancelled Eurovision 2020, is not going to be CyBC’s choice once again in 2021.

As TV Mania reports, the decision on Sandro Nicola’s internal selection for 2020 would only apply to this year’s competition, while for 2021 CyBC intended to pick a popular artist in both Greece and Cyprus or an artist of Cypriot descent as their Eurovision entrant. The same magazine, citing recent information, claims that the broadcaster insists on this decision.

Should this post get confirmed, Sandro will be the first internally selected artist of Eurovision 2020 not to appear on the stage in Rotterdam next year.

This year, he was chosen to perform the song Running, written by Alfie Arcuri, Sebastian Rickards, Octavian Rasinariu and Sandro himself. The song was produced by Teo DK.

So far, 18 countries have already approved their previous artists, to be perform on Eurovision 2021 stage. These are, the following countries:

  • San Marino  -  Senhit

  • Azerbaijan  -  Efendi

  • Australia  -  Montaigne

  • Austria  -  Vincent Bueno

  • Belgium  -  Hooverphonic

  • Bulgaria  -  Victoria

  • Georgia  -  Tornike Kipiani

  • Switzerland  -  Gjon's Tears

  • Greece  -  Stefani

  • Spain  -  Blas Cantó

  • Israel  -  Eden Alene

  • Latvia  -  Samanta Tina

  • Malta  -  Destiny

  • Netherlands  -  Jeangu Macrooy

  • Ukraine  -  Go_A

  • Romania  -  Roxen

  • Slovenia  -  Ana Soklič

  • Czech Republic  -  Benny Cristo

On the other hand, some countries have already expressed their intention to hold their national finals normally. These countries are:

  • Denmark  - Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

  • Estonia  - Eesti Laul

  • Lithuania  - Pabandom iš naujo

  • Norway  - Melodi Grand Prix

  • Sweden  - Melodifestivalen

  • Finland  - Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu

Cyprus has also been added to the above list, except that as can be seen for Eurovision 2021, RIK will select its representative with an internal selection, as it has been doing in recent years. In fact, the intention of the Cypriot public television is to work again with a record company.

Listen to Running below, the song with which Sandro would represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2020: