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Dotter and Mamas will return to Melodifestivalen 2021! -according to local magazine

According to Swedish magazine Aftonbladet, Dotter and The Mamas will return to Melodifestivalen 2021


Melodifestivalen 2021 will be held in Stockholm this year. However participants are not officially announced yet. According to Aftonbladet, lots of songs have been written for The Mamas anyway since Eurovision was canceled, says a person with insight.

During the summer and early autumn, Dotter has also been seen at several songwriting camps where the purpose has been to write songs for the Melodifestivalen.

Mamas won the Melfest2020 whilst Dotter was the runner-up only 1 point difference

Last year in March in Friends arena The Mamas and Dotter were on exactly the same points and after the viewers' votes were presented, The Mama's "Move" was the winner with 137 points ahead of Dotter and "Bulletproof" on 136 points. Read here for voting analysis

Even The Mamas won the Melodifestivalen2020, they couldn't represent Sweden in Eurovision 2020, because the competition is cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. According to Aftonbladet's source, Dotter -Johanna Jansson- will return to Melodifestivalen 2021 this year!


Throwback Melodifestivalen 2020