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Duncan Laurence performed in Ziggo Dome as his first after-corona concert

Duncan Laurence who is the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, performed for the first time since coronavirus outbreak. Duncan Laurence performed a concert to 30 people with social distance in Ziggo Dome/Amsterdam on 06 June 2020.


Duncan Laurence performed for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak along with Kensington and Alain Clark, on Saturday evening.They gave a show to thirty people in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.On Sunday, the singer looks back emotionally in a message on Instagram.

"I missed this feeling so much"

"Yesterday was such an incredible experience. After so many months of not being able to perform, we were finally able to give a concert for thirty fans," Duncan writes in a series of photos of the performance organized by Radio Veronica."I missed this feeling so much. We cried, we clicked together and we forgot all the craziness around Covid-19."

The fans present in the Ziggo Dome sat neatly according to the corona regulations 1.5 meters apart to watch the performances.

Source: RTL