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Eurovision Home Concerts Episode VI is On Air! Watch LIVE here

Photo : EBU

Eurovision Home Concerts Episode VI is published! You can watch the live concerts below;

This Friday, 8 May, the following artists will showcase their talents from home:

Arilena Ara (Albania 2020)

In this episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, she will sing her Eurovision entry Fall From The Skyas well as Lena's Satellite, which won for Germany in 2010.

Benny Cristo (Czech Republic 2020)

Benny's Eurovision entry is Kemama, it's meaning 'okay mama'. The lyrics are about his childhood, during which he faced much adversity. . At Eurovision Home Concerts, Benny will perform Kemama well as Ben Dolic's Violent Thing

Blas Cantó (Spain 2020)

At Eurovision Home Concerts, Blas will sing his Eurovision entryUniverso.

Efendi (Azerbaijan 2020)

Efendi was chosen by an international jury, which includes music producers, composers and journalists, to represent the Azerbaijan with the song Cleopatra. Besides her own Eurovision entry, she will sing Drip Drop by Safura. Safura represented Azerbaijan in 2010 and placed 5th in the Grand Final.

Hera Björk (Iceland 2010)

In this episode, Hera will sing her Eurovision entryJe Ne Sais Quoi,as well as Eres Tuby Mocedades. The group represented Spain in 1973 and finished 2nd.

James Newton (United Kingdom 2020)

He will sing My Last Breathas well as Birds by Dutch representative, Anouk. She participated for the Netherlands in 2013 and placed 6th in the Grand Final.

Jedward (Ireland 2011-2012)

The brothers will sing their Eurovision entryLipstick, as well as Lena's Satellite.

Lea Sirk (Slovenia 2018)

Alongside her entry, "Havala ne!" Lea will sing If Love Was A Crime by Poli Genova. (Bulgaria 2016 4th place)

Michela (Malta 2019)

On this episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, Michela will sing Chameleon as well as Where I Am by Denmark's Anja. Anja represented Denmark in 2017 and finished 20th in the Grand Final.