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Eurovision Song Celebration's Details Have Been Released


EBU has announced 2 special shows that will air on the same dates as the Eurovision 2020 Semi-Finals! The ‘Eurovision Song Celebration 2020’ will premiere on Eurovision's YouTube channel on Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14 May at 21:00 CEST. The Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 will cover Eurovision 2020's Semi-Finals. So it's a different event from Europe: Shine A Light which will cover Eurovision 2020's Grand Final date of 16 May.

How will Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 work ?

On the same dates of this year’s Semi-Finals, the two-part 'Eurovision Song Celebration 2020' will recognise all 41 participants and their songs in a non-competitive format. To add to the excitement all the songs will be played out in the official Semi-Final running orders decided by this year’s producers.

On Tuesday 12 May, the EBU will spotlight the songs that would have been shown in the first Semi-Final including host country the Netherlands and 2 of the Big 5 countries: Germany and Italy. The second online show, broadcast on Thursday 14 May, will feature the songs chosen for the second Semi-Final and will include the rest of the Big 5 countries: France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

EBU has announced that there will be big surprises for both events!