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Finland: The UMK21 song search starts in September: Read the rules and get involved!

UMK, which is a national Finnish selection, will open the submission period for 2021 songs between 1-7 September.


This year UMK held in Finland and Aksel had elected as a winner for this competititon. However due to Eurovision 2021's cancellation due to COVID-19 pandemic, the competition is cancelled and it was announced that the selection will return once again in 2021.

Finnish broadcaster YLE has announced that, interested artist are now able to submit their entries from 1 September 2020 till 7 September 2020.

Interested artists can apply via this link.

This year, the authors and producers of the songs included many of Finland's leading artists such as Joonas Angeria , Janne Rintala , Olli Äkräs and DJ Yotto . The end result was a record-breaking UMK and the biggest hit in the program’s history: Cicciolina, who was successful on radio and streaming lists . According to us, we hope for an equally great set of authors for 2021 as well, reminds YleX's music manager Tapio Hakanen .
Both the return to open competition and the YleX co-operation were found to be a very effective solution, and UMK will continue along the same good path. The pre-selection of the songs entered in the competition will again be carried out by the UMK's expert panel, chaired by Tapio Hakanen. The UMK finalists will be announced in January 2021.

Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest

Aksel won 2020's edition of UMK with his song 'Looking Back' which is written by Joonas Angeria, Whitney Phillips, Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough, and Toby McDonough. The song was set to participate in the second half of the semi-final till it's cancellation.

Aksel has already confirmed his intention of submitting a song to the 2021 edition of the UMK.