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First rehearsal review: Russia Manizha-Russian Woman


Manizha performed her first rehearsal for "Russian Woman" today between 11:20-11:50.

Manizha performed after Ana Soklic and we must confess that was quite an interesting performance from Manizha!

She started with an oversized traditional costume and she was moving forward and returning back with that dress like she was a chess player. And later BAM! Surprise! She came out from that huge costume. She was wearing her red jump-suit which was almost the same with national final performance.

PYRO Alert: Team Russia were testing 5 meter flames during their rehearsals!

After that, She was joined by her 4 backing vocalists who we are familiar from the national final. They also built a circle where Manizha was in the middle of it. The staging was similar to the one in the national final.

The vibe from the Russian National Final is kept, with the singers all around Manizha, with her being on the centre. The LED Screen proceeds showing words of empowerment such as ‘Rise Up’ or ‘Be The Change You Want To See’.

"For me the most impressive thing was ; the backdrop with Russian Woman on the LED Screen, with the performance ending with the people featured on the LED Screen spelling ‘Russian Woman’. According to me, this performance was the most energetic rehearsal of the day."