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First rehearsal review: Slovenia Ana Soklič-Amen


Ana Soklič has performed her first rehearsal today between 10:40-11:10.

Ana stent alone in the middle of the stage. It started very dark however golden highlighters were also prioritized. The LED content includes graphics from the earth, a very universal-like LED content.

In the beginning Ana was barefoot and for the second time she wore high heels, it seems like she still doesn't feel confident with them. However I believe that barefoot looking doesn't seem good for the viewers.

Towards the end of her song Ana moves to the catwalk and the transparent LED screens comes up with images from landscapes. It looks also quite good. We couldn't see any pyros or smoke/wind machine included, however it might chance. This was only the first rehearsal.

"Ana Soklič has amazing vocal power and she's really shining on the stage. Even though her performance needs some improvement, we can easily say that her performance will be LIT."