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Flo Rida will join Senhit for Eurovision 2021!


It is finally announced by San Marino TV that, famous American rapper Flo Rida will feature on Senhit's Eurovision 2021 song "Adrenalina" and will represent San Marino in Rotterdam for Eurovision 2021.

During the interviews when its asked to Senhit, if Flo Rida will be able to attend her performance or not, it wasn't always clear if the rapper would actually came to Rotterdam.

'Actually when I invited him to join me on the Eurovision stage back in March, the decision was made there with joy. It was not easy to predict the traveling restrictions, but there we go... I'm very happy to have him with me to perform ADRENALINA, not only to Europe but to the whole world! We are ready!'

says Senhit

'What’s up Netherlands, it’s your man Flo Rida!
I’m so excited to see you guys at the Eurovision Song Contest. I’ll be hitting the stage with the superstar talented Senhit to perform our new record Adrenalina.
It’s such a good feeling to be back in Europe after so long. I’m very grateful to be able to perform once again, and on the biggest stage in the world.'

says Flo Rida.

Senhit and Flo Rida will perform Adrenalina for San Marino on Thursday 18 May in the first Semi-Final.