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Gjon's Tears will represent Switzerland with "Répondez-moi" in Eurovision 2020!

Swiss public Broadcaster SRF announced today that Gjon's Tears will represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song 'Répondez-moi'. Gjon's Tears will perform in the second half of the Second Semi-Final on 14 May.

10 years after Michael von der Heide's 2010 entry Il Pleut de L'Or, Switzerland has chosen a French song for the Eurovision Song Contest. 21-year-old musician Gjon’s Tears, with his song Répondez-moi, was selected by a 100-member audience panel and an international jury comprising 20 music experts after submitting his song in an open call for entries. The panel and jury each carried 50% of the decision.

The subject of the song is very personal for Gjon’s Tears and is also universal and speaks to everyone. Gjon’s Tears says: “Everyone asks themselves why exactly are we here, where do we come from and where are we going. These are key questions, particularly for people from a migrant background. My parents are from Albania and Kosovo. I grew up in Switzerland and it’s my home, these are questions that I think about a lot.”

Gjon’s Tears co-wrote Répondez-moi with songwriters Xavier Michel, Alizé Oswald and the song's producer Jeroen Swinnen as part of a Swiss songwriter camp. The song is described as one that gets under your skin. The combination of voices, choirs and strings mixed with modern beats creates a new and unique soundscape.