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Go_A will work on 5 songs for Eurovision 2021


After the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam due to coronavirus, the Ukrainian broadcaster UA: PBC has announced that they will be participating in Eurovision 2021 with the same band Go_A.

Speaking on the television programme ЖВЛ, the lead singer of Go_A, Kateryna Pavlenko, spoke about both Vidbir and Eurovision, and many other things. The band were very happy to find out that they would be going to Eurovision 2021, but they were not as happy upon finding out that their Eurovision 2020 song, Solovey, will not be eligible to participate.

 "Firstly, I was upset that our song Solovey will not sound at Eurovision. I did not think that we would need a completely new composition..."

However, the band has decided that they will prepare a total of five songs, with one of them going on to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2021.

"We received a lot of comments that fans wanted our next song. We've decided that in that case we will prepare five of which the audience will chose one."