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Hooverphonic refused to cover “Love Shine A Light”

Last night, all of the Eurovision 2020 artists performed Love Shine A Light cover together - except Hooverphonic from Belgium. After that video, Hooverphonic has been criticized on social media. So the question is: "Why did they refuse to be a part of Shine a light ?"


Alex Callier of Hooverphonic has been criticized after the group were the only act due to participate in Eurovision 2020, that didn't cover "Love Shine A Light" for last night's Eurovision: Shine A Light. All other participants recorded themselves performing the song as part of the closing feature on the show.

Alex who leads the group had stated in an interview on "Gert Late Night", that he didn't like the song "Love Shine A Light". As a result of this, Hooverphonic decided to wouldn't record a cover of it and wouldn't participate in that element of Europe Shine A Light.

Social media users have criticized Alex for his behavior during a show that was meant to be uniting Europe.

Why Hooverphonic refused to be a part of this cover ?

After some critism from Belgian fans, broadcaster VRT has released a video about Hooverphonic's decision. Alex says that, for them it didn’t feel 100% right to participate, because in his mind the gesture is too simple of an answer to the world’s problems.

"I have never compromised artistically,"

Callier defends his decision.

" I would have set aside my principles, but that's not the case now. It was just a TV broadcast I never gave my OK in advance to participate in this type of TV broadcast I gave my OK to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest And I also do that with 200% and I'm really going to fight for our country for the best possible place. "

"We have also clearly wished everyone a lot of strength in the broadcast," Callier continues.

"I don't really understand the commotion."

According to Callier, he is not the only one who thinks "Love shine a light" is too cool for these times. "People who are really confronted with misery know that"

Love shine a light "is a bit too fast. And that the world is not that simple. I find that very difficult. I already said this week that I "I don't feel it. These are difficult times. I want to do everything I can to help people. Do I help people with this? I think I help people by making beautiful music, by doing other things."

Who is Hooverphonic ?

Hooverphonic is a Belgian band that formed in October 1995. The band originally called themselves Hoover, but later changed their name to Hooverphonic after discovering other groups were already using the Hoover name and to avoid any legal issues with the vacuum cleaner company. They were supposed to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam with their song "Release Me". They will instead represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

  Source: HLN,VRT