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Melodifestivalen 2021's Official Dates Are Revealed!


According to SVT, Melodifestivalen 2021 will be taking place ONLY in Stockholm.

Here are the official dates for Melodifestivalen 2021;

6th February 2021 - Semi Final I
13th February 2021 - Semi Final II
20th February 2021 - Semi Final III
27th February 2021- Semi Final IV
6th March 2021 - Andra Chansen
13th March 2021- Grand Final

According to SVT ;

There will be no Sweden tour for the Melodifestivalen next year. The corona pandemic means that all competitions are broadcast from Stockholm - without an audience.

- It is clear that it is boring. It will be the whole of Sweden's party,

says Anette Helenius, project manager for the Melodifestivalen.

Since 2002, Melodifestivalen has toured around the country. The four competitions, the second chance and the final have been arranged in different cities and often attracted large audiences. But the pandemic means that next year's festival will have a different structure. All six programs will be broadcast from Stockholm starting on 26 February.

- It is too risky to do a tour. The purpose of traveling around Sweden is that we should be able to meet the audience. We will not be able to do that based on what we know today,

says Anette Helenius, project manager for the Melodifestivalen,

"It is not clear which venue in Stockholm the competitions will be broadcast from,"

she says. But mentions that the Arena Annexet next to the Globe could be an alternative.

- We will want to make great numbers and think that a regular TV studio is a little too small. At the same time, we do not want to be in a big arena with empty stands. A large room that is spacious enough is what we are looking for.

The competition itself is meant to roll on as usual. 28 songs about becoming Sweden's contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

Although SVT avoids costs for the tour, the final note for the Melodifestivalen will be about the same,

says Anette Helenius.

- We save costs because we do not go on tour. But at the same time, it becomes more expensive when we ourselves are producers for the entire festival.

Previously, Aftonbladet had information that the comedian David Sundin would make a comeback as host of next year's festival, something he himself denied. Anette Helenius does the same, but does not want to tell which names are otherwise relevant.

- David will not host the program. But I want viewers to see many different faces and different types of entertainment every week.