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New details are announced regarding the Eurovision 2021 tickets


Time is flying and Eurovision 2021 is coming! Everyone is waiting for new updates regarding Eurovision tickets to enter Rotterdam Ahoy.

Eurovision 2021's producer Sietse Bakker has announced some latest information regarding Eurovision 2021 tickets.

According to Sietse Bakker, even those people who managed to secure a ticket for last year’s canceled edition, will now be offered the opportunity to repurchase their tickets, will also need a pot of luck. It will be exciting to see if they can manage to grab a ticket for the shows again.

I expect ticket sales to conclude very fast again. The enthusiasm will probably be enormous. If you didn’t buy tickets last year, you have to be very lucky if you want to be able to get a ticket now.

-said Sietse Bakker.

It is expected 3500 audience to attend Eurovision Song Contest 2021 which includes 6 rehearsals, 2 semi finals and a grand final.

When is the expected date for Eurovision 2021 ticket sales?

Bakker stated that he expects tickets sales for Eurovision 2021 to kick off by early May.

People who had tickets to a show last year will be given the opportunity to buy tickets for that show again.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and current restrictions, it was requested from all delegations to stay in the hotel during Eurovision period. Also there won't be big traditional Eurovision parties or EuroClub this year.

Sietse Bakker also stated that;

So no lavish parties or a nightclub with Eurovision music. The atmosphere in the city will be different. But I think that, especially after the past year anything that feels like something fun again, will be extra intense for everyone.

What about international Eurovision fans, who are planning to travel to the Rotterdam ?

It is yet unclear if foreign fans will be allowed to travel to the Netherlands for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest and if tickets will be available to fans staying outside the Netherlands. Currently foreigners cannot travel to the Netherlands due to the COVID 19 restrictions in the country unless they have a valid reason.

Source: ESCtoday