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Norway: NRK opens the submission window for Melodi Grand Prix 2021

NRK has confirmed that ‘Melodi Grand Prix’ will return next year. NRK has now opened their submission period to find their song for next year’s contest which is due to take place in Rotterdam.


MGP continues to find the best songs and artists for Norway's biggest music show.

NRK is losing no time and has already opened the submission period for the next edition of Melodi Grand Prix. The timeline for sending the candidate entries starts on May 15, 2020 and the deadline is on August 16, 2020. On next year’s national selection we will see total of five semi finals and one grand final that will take place during January and February 2021.

Interested composers/artists/producers can apply via NRK's official website.

No music show brings together more people and creates more engagement than MGP. More than a million viewers get the final broadcast every year, and the music event is the most talked about in the media. MGP is also the way to the world's biggest music event, the Eurovision Song Contest, which is attended by around 200 million viewers. 2019's MGP winner KEiiNO ended up as Eurovision's televoting winner, took first place on the VG list, and was nominated Spellemann for this year's song. KEiiNO is now approaching 30 million streams for the super hit "Spirit in The Sky". The winner of the Melodi Grand Prix receives the great honor of representing Norway in the world's largest music competition, the Eurovision Song Contest.

Registration Policy Producer and Music Manager Stig Karlsen says;

We are constantly working to strengthen the search for the best contributions, and last year introduced some new rules that will mainly be continued this year. The key words are quality ahead of quantity. In addition to the open submission, there is targeted research and direct dialogue with the music industry.
- The invitation is open to anyone who writes songs. This is a unique opportunity to try to capture a place in the world's biggest music competition. We are open to all kinds of music within a broad understanding of the pop genre. It can be anything from hard rock, to pink gum pop, and everything in between,

says Stig Karlsen.

As well as meeting the Eurovision rules, the requirement for submission is as below:

  • Each producer / songwriter receives a maximum of three songs.

  • It is encouraged that the entered contributions have at least one Norwegian songwriter, as MGP wants to prioritize and promote the Norwegian music scene.

  • Everyone can sign up for songs, but artists must have turned 16 to join the Eurovision Song Contest.


What about last year ?

In 2020, Ulrikke won Melodi Grand Prix with her song ‘Attention’. Norway was set to perform in the First Semi-Final of this year’s contest before it was cancelled. NRK has confirmed that it has offered Ulrikke has been offered a direct qualification for the 2021 final; but Ulrikke has declined the offer.