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Official! Ulrikke will NOT represent Norway in Eurovision 2021.

Head of Entartainment in NRK announced that they offered a place to Ulrikke in the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021. But she declined it.


Melodi Grand Prix 2021 will use the same format as this year's contest. 10 artists will compete in the final. 5 qualifiers will come from pre-qualified finalists and 5 qualifiers will come from semi finals as happened in MGP 2020.

On Wednesday, it became known that EBU has chosen to cancel this year's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, due to the corona pandemic.

This was announced shortly after all the 41 entries in this year's competition were officially handed over.

Now it is also decided that none of these will be allowed to participate next year. This is in line with existing rules that none of the songs competing should have been released or performed before September of the previous year.

Christina Rezk Resar is acting editor at NRK Entertainment. She believes that MGP 2021 will be more important than ever, and she hopes that many artist and songwriters will submit their contributions:

- The audience is best catered by organising MGP in line with 60 years tradition. MGP has always been an important show for Norwegian music. Based on the situation that music industry is in, it's more important than ever to fulfill this role and showcase the breadth of Norwegian artists and newly written songs.

Some countries have already confirmed that their artist will be joining us next year.

Other countries such as Sweden and Estonia have confirmed that their representatives must be re-qualified through a national final to participate in Eurovision. So same happened for Norway!

Ulrikke Brandstrop, who won Melodi Grand Prix 2020 and had a chance to represent Norway in Eurovision 2020 with her song "Attention" was offered an automatic place in the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021. Ulrikke declined the offer.

"The cancellation of this year's competition is obviously a shame for Ulrikke, who has made a huge effort in this year's MGP and Eurovision 2020. But everyone agrees with the situation the world is in doesn't allow for this kind of music competitions. We offered a place to Ulrikke in the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021. But I understand that it is difficult to replace not getting go to Eurovision this year. Ulrikke is an amazing artist and i believe that we will see her again in the coming years."