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Philipp Kirkorov: “I promised to take Eurovision. I want to do it with the Sergey Lazarev"


Philipp Kirkorov who presented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 in Dublin is a big wheel on Russia'a Eurovision history. Recently, in a big event in Russia which is cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic, Philipp Kirkorov replied positively, when asked if he would go to Eurovision again with Sergey Lazarev. As he stated, he promised that he would win for Russia and he does not consider himself a better artist than Lazarev to achieve this.

In the past Eurovision history, Philipp Kirkorov have already represented Russia twice with Sergey Lazarev as the singer. The first time in 2016 with You’re The Only One and the second time in 2019 with Scream. In both Sergey Lazarev took the third place, however in 2016 he was the winner of the televoting.

Well, of course third time lucky, as they say. Even if he may not think about that, there’s still this desire deep inside (with Sergey) to get this satisfaction and win this contest. And I already promised to take Eurovision no matter what. And I will. And I would want to do it with the best artist and that’s Lazarev!

Even though, Russia didn't confirm they'll take place in Eurovision 2021 or not, it's expected for Russia to choose their artist for Eurovision 2021 in an internal way.

Russia in Eurovision 2020

For Eurovision 2020 Little Big was chosen to represent Russia with the song Uno: