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Saara Aalto marries in Finland during lockdown


Saara Aalto who is a representative of Finland in 2018 with “Monsters” has married her fiancee Meri Sopanen in a ceremony in Finland during lockdown.

Saara Aalto during her performance in Eurovision stage (2018)

The couple, who have been engaged for three years, tied the knot in a private wedding in Helsinki.

They had planned to wedding this summer, but they were forced to call off the ceremony due to the COVID-19 crisis.

However, they decided to go ahead and tie the knot earlier than planned and hold a full wedding after the pandemic ends.

HAPPY NEWS!!❤️🌟 First of all, we got married and Meri is now officially Meri Aalto (love you @meriaaltoofficial).. still waiting for the wedding though..🙈 "And this is the name Meri wanted to use now that we are going to announce some amazing new projects!😍"