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Samira Efendi is planning a colorful stage show and "sparkling clothes" for Eurovision 2021


Samira Efendi who is the Azeri representor for Eurovision 2021 with her iconic "Mata Hari" has announced some details about her Eurovision performance.

Samira Efendi stated in an interview that, "there will be some interesting surprises a different choreography, colorful staging and of course some Azari national details!"

We train every day. I both sing and dance. I am very excited for our performance. We try very hard to present the work we have done for 1 year in the best way in 3 minutes. Every detail on stage will be different. There are some interesting surprises. We currently have a few sketches for clothing. But the costumes on stage will certainly be comfortable. A beautiful performance on stage awaits us. Colorful and bright. There will be a different choreography. But we will use national details in a certain part of the dance.

said Samira Efendi to the 12xal during an interview.

As you already know, Samira Efendi was supposed to represent Azerbaijan in 2020 with her "Cleopatra". Similarities between Cleopatra and Mata Hari was asked to Efendi.

Samira Efendi stated that she became Mata Hari from Cleopatra!

"Cleopatra is a thing of the past for me. Now I'm tuned to Mata Hari. I'm just thinking about it now. "

said Samira Efendi.

Source: 12xal