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She's Still Breathing! Samanta Tīna will represent Latvia in Eurovision 2021

LTV confirms that Samanta Tina will represent Latvia at Eurovision 2021!


Samanta Tina, who won the competition "Supernova 2020" with the song "Still Breathing", will have a chance to represent Latvia on the big Eurovision stage - Latvian Television has decided to allow Samanta to represent Latvia in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. However, according to the rules of Eurovision, she will not be able to participate in next year's competition with the song "Still breathing".

Samanta learned the good news yesterday night in a show broadcast on LTV before Eurovision 2020: Shine A Light. Supernova host and Eurovision commentator Toms Grevins had a pre-show discussion with Samanta Tīna where they looked through her past performances in Supernova.

Learning about the decision of Latvian Television, Samanta Tīna did not hide her emotions and was extremely happy.

Oh God, how beautiful! Really? Madness, so nice!
I could kiss you and catch you with the same enthusiasm as I did on the Supernova stage, but I can't,

tears of joy in a conversation with Tomas Grevins, who told the good news.

Eurovision rules state that the song with which the performer will participate in the 2021 competition cannot be the same as that which was intended to represent the country this year.

The rules stipulate that a song that will participate in next year's competition may not be performed in public before September 1, 2020. This means that Samanta Tina will not be able to participate in the 2021 competition with the song "Still breathing".

The decision taken by Latvian Television and the Eurovision regulations mean that the competition "Supernova" in 2021 will definitely not take place in the format as usual so far.

Samanta Tīna competed at Latvia’s national final five times previously, before winning the 2020 edition with “Still Breathing”.