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SMRTV confirms that "Senhit" will represent San Marino at Eurovision!

San Marino has decided! Senhit will represent San Marino at Eurovision Song Contest 2020.


Last year, Serhat represented San Marino with the song "Say Na Na". Even though the eurovision odds, Serhat has qualified from Semi Final#1 in 8th place. San Marino got 77 points in the Grand Final and Serhat took 19th place (which was a great success in San Marino's history)

On April 2019 Serhat has explained that "This is my last Eurovision" So we've already know that Serhat won't be this year's representative. But some people was excepting a surprise from San Marino to announce Serhat again due to 2019's success.

But SMRTV (which is official tv channel) announced that;

Senhit will represent San Marino in Semi Final-2 which is on 14 May 2020 in Rotterdam.