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Stefano Coletta: "Sanremo 2021 will take place"

The director of Rai 1 calms the spirits after the recent negative statements by the host


San Remo is the most popular Italian song contest. It is held every year in Sanremo, a city on the Mediterranean coast in the region of Liguria, and is organized by RAI, the Italian national public broadcasting company. The winner of San Remo is usually offered to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Fans of the Sanremo Festival experienced hours of panic when Amadeus , a guest at the Dogliani TV and New Media Festival, said about the next edition (San Remo 2021): “It will have to be completely normal. Either there will be the public or nothing. There is no plan B […]

An empty Ariston, or with a distant audience, is unthinkable. It would be a problem with the orchestra, with the scenography ”. To calm the waters now comes Stefano Coletta , director of Rai 1, who denies the words of the conductor and artistic director of the kermesse.

"The statement from Amadeus has created great panic, but I want you to ensure that Sanremo will be there"

says Stefano Coletta during the press conference to present the new season of Porta a Porta. Amadeus gave Dogliani an answer on our choice to hold the Festival from 2 to 6 March, precisely to give the opportunity to see Sanremo in the standard version.

"There is no Rai1 season without Sanremo" . It is clear that we will adapt to the conditions and events of that moment, but Sanremo will be there ”. A joy, therefore, for 2021 is guaranteed: the music in Sanremo does not stop.

says Stefano Coletta.