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Sweden in Eurovision - Our Top 10 (2000-2020)


Sweden made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1958. The country is known for the most successful Eurovision winners ever, ABBA, which was the first of Sweden’s victories in the competition. Sweden is one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest with six victories to date, coming second behind Ireland's record-breaking seven wins.

Sweden organize a big national final called Melodifestivalen to determine their Eurovision representative each year. Here are our determined top 10 between 2000-2020.


10) Robin Stjernberg - You (2013)

Robin Stjernberg took our 10th place in Sweden's Eurovision history. Robin Stjernberg performed his "You" at Eurovision 2013 in his hometown Sweden. The artist won the Melodifestivalen 2013 and had a chance to represent Sweden in Eurovision 2013. The song placed 4th in a field of 26 in the Eurovision. This result was unexpected for Sweden because Eurovision 2012's winner Loreen set the highest standard with her "Euphoria".

"So even if disaster strikes, I close my eyes and then I'm next to you"

9) Frans - If I Were Sorry (2016)

Another year (2016) that Sweden won the competition and became the landlord of the Eurovision 2016. Frans took our 9th place in Sweden's Eurovision history. Frans performed his "If I Were Sorry" at Eurovision 2016 in his hometown Sweden. The artist won the Melodifestivalen 2016 and had a chance to represent Sweden in Eurovision 2016. The song placed 5th in a field of 26 in the Eurovision.

"And would you save the falling tear, Or act as if there’s nothing there? If I were sorry.."

8) Eric Saade - Popular (2011)

Moving to the Dusseldorf, there is a huge poke-ball in front of the audience, with the handsome superstar Eric Saade! Yes Eric, you promised to be popular and now you're!

With an up-tempo pop music, Eric Saade dances and act like "unstoppable". Even breaking glasses couldn't stop him. Eric Saade finished first in the second semi-final. On 14 May 2011, he performed the song in the final in seventh position in the lineup. Saade came in third place with 185 points, which was the best result for Sweden since 1999!

"My body wants you girl, my body wants you girl. I'll get you when I'm popular."

7) Charlotte Perelli - Hero (2008)

The most interesting thing about this song is, the song was entered into the 2008 Melodifestivalen contest, and was initially rumoured to be going to be sung by Måns Zelmerlöw (who will be the winner of Eurovision 2015 with his Heroes) but Perrelli was the first choice for the contest. It won the Melodifestivalen contest and got her ticket to Eurovision 2008. Charlotte Perelli placed as 18th in the grand final -which is really interesting-

"Oh, out on the line, Like a star, like a hero, Love will survive"

6) The Mamas- Move (2020)

We believe that Melodifestivalen 2020 was an explosive year in its history. The Mamas won the competition with only 1 point difference. Dotter was the leader of the odds and following by Anna Bergendahl but The Mamas won the competition with their amazing "Move". Unfortunately they couldn't represent Sweden due to COVID-19 pandemic.

'Cause there ain't no ocean.. Deeper than my love for you

5) Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off (2018)

To be honest, Benjamin Ingrosso is a great sample on Swedish men's charming. We just can't keep from coming back to see this incredible and stylish performance, so well put together, so calculated and designed, so different, so amazing! When he was singing, he's also flirting with the audience. The song made it to the Grand final, where it placed seventh with 274 points. It received the maximum 12 points from the juries of eight countries.

"Treating you good, we were gold, I dug you like you were treasure"

4) Sanna Nielsen - Undo (2014)

The fact that Sanna Nielsen tried to represent Sweden 7 times. And when she does she slays so much like there is no tomorrow! On 8 March, the song won the Melodifestivalen 2014, and had a chance to represent Sweden in Eurovision 2014. On grand final of Eurovision, Sanna Nielsen took the 3rd place!

"Undo my sad.. Undo what hurts so bad.. Undo my pain, Gonna get out, through the rain.."

3) Robin Bengtsson- I Can't Go On (2017)

Robin Bengtsson is a clear prove that Sweden has definely the hottest men in Europe. With his lounge-suit Robin Bengtsson is enthralling the audience. Robin won the final of Melodifestivalen 2017, after placing first with the international juries and third with the Swedish public. On Eurovision, the song finished 5th with 344 points at the grand final, including 126 points from televote (8th place) and 218 points from the juries (3rd place)

With just one look you make me shiver, I just wanna take you home..

2) Mans Zelmerlöw - Heroes (2015)

In Vienna, projector is working and Mans Zelmerlöw is raising with a long sleeve casual shirt and leather pants! Mans Zelmerlöw tried 3 times to take Eurovision on 2007, 2009 and 2015.

Heroes won the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with a total of 365 points. It is the third-highest-scoring song in the history of the contest from 1975 to 2015. It is also the first winning song, since the introduction of the split jury-televoting system in 2009, that has not won the televoting."Heroes" defeated a record number of twenty-six other songs in the final, as it won the largest Eurovision Song Contest final ever with 27 participating countries.

"Heroes" received the highest percentage of possible points compared to any other Eurovision winner of the 2010-2019 decade.

He said go dry your eyes and live your life like there is no tomorrow, son. And tell the others..

Mans Zelmerlöw states that, Heroes is a reflection of his childhood.

1) Loreen- Euphoria (2012)

An air bender is raising from the land of fire Azerbaijan! Loreen's Euphoria is decided the best song in Eurovision history for several times by Eurovision fans. The song won the competition with a total of 372 points, the then second-highest point total in the contest's history.The song received the highest number of maximum (12) points of any entry in the contest's history with eighteen countries giving the song their top marks. It was reported that a record figure of more than 670,000 of the four million viewers called in to vote for her song.

"We are free, where everything's allowed and love comes first. Forever and ever together, we sail into infinity.."