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The Mamas will not represent Sweden in #Eurovision2021

According to Christer Bjorkman's announcement, The Mamas who is the winner of Melodifestivalen 2020, will not represent Sweden in Eurovision 2021.


As you know Eurovision 2020 is cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak. Now all countries has a new right to choose their representative.

Christer Bjorkman who is the head of Sweden delagation, announced that, The Mamas will not represent Sweden in Eurovision 2021.

It seems like, the winner of Melodifestivalen 2021 will represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

From SVT: "The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest is cancelled, as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak. This is very unfortunate for all the artists, who will not now be given the chance to take part, and of course I especially feel for The Mamas, who will not get to stand of the stage of Eurovision. It's also very unfortunate that a 64 year old tradition is broken" says Christer Björkman, Sweden's Head of Delegation, who however supports the decision.
Considering the circumstances, this decision is both understandable and wise", he says.

The Mamas made an announcement on their instagram account ;