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The Roop has invited back to Lithuanian 2021 national selection

The LRT Eurovision Working Group has decided about representative of Lithuania in next year's Eurovision - the national selection will be held next year, with The Roop reserved for the finals.


Broadcaster LRT has invited The Roop back to the 2021 Lithuanian national selection Pabandom is naujo!

Following the cancellation of Eurovision due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all broadcasters have to decide how their song is selected for next year's contest. Eurovision organizer, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), have stated that the rules of the competition will not be changed, so the songs selected this year will not be eligible for Eurovision next year.

The Roop, therefore, will have to enter next year's national final with a brand new song that hasn't been published before the usual 1st September. As promised the band will be receiving the 20.3k $ prize money from LRT to winning Pabandom is naujo this year.

Gytis Oganauskas, Deputy Director General of LTR announced that;

"We are all saddened by this situation - the song On Fire was considered one of the main contenders to win the competition. They have received a lot of sympathy both in Lithuania and abroad, but unfortunately we will not be able to appear on the big stage of Eurovision.
Eurovision is first and foremost a song contest, which is gaining popularity every year in Lithuania, stimulating the creation of new songs and performances, thus attracting many who wish to try their hand - music producers and performers.We were looking for a solution to not deprive them of this opportunity, and at the same time not to deprive The Roop."
As a result, we have made a somewhat non-standard decision - we will be preparing for a new national selection, and The Roop will be nominated to appear in its finals. We greatly appreciate and thank The Roop for taking a responsible approach to preparing for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. We understand that the group has already invested a lot of time and money in this, so we also decided to transfer to the group the voting funds that were to be used to prepare for the big Eurovision.

says Gytis Oganauskas, Deputy Director General of the LRT .

However, the band is still considering whether to accept LRT's invitation for next year.

"We understand that a variant was found that would suit the LRT and the group. Will we be involved in the screening, albeit on an exclusive basis? We don't know yet. It's only been a month and a half since winning with the song 'On Fire!. Everything is going very fast. Too fast. We need to think hard and make a decision much later"

says lead singer Vaiodotas Vailukevicius.