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Tornike Kipiani will represent Georgia at Eurovision 2021 with his "You"

In 2020, Tornike Kipiani won the Georgia's X Factor and got his ticket to represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. He was supposed to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2020 with his "Take Me As I Am" . However as Eurovision 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak, Georgian broadcaster selected him internally again for Eurovision 2021.

Today Tornike Kipiani released his Eurovision 2021 song "You". You can watch his video below;

Tornike Kipiani You Lyrics

Sunshine, I wanna touch you Wind blow, I wanna see you I wanna touch, I wanna see I wanna be with you

Ocean, I wanna hear you Mountain, I wanna feel you I wanna hear, I wanna feel And I wanna be with you

You're everywhere where I am You're in everything that I do

My love, my love I wanna be with you

You I My love, my love I wanna be with you

Written By : Tornike Kipiani