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Ulrikke: "My dream is shattered"

Ulrikke has shared her feelings in her personal instagram. "My dream is shattared."


After the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak, Norwegian broadcaster announced that they will organize Melodi Grand Prix 2021. The winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 will represent Norway in Eurovision 2021.

Ulrikke posted a brilliant photo of her from the night that she won. And she posted this;

My dream is shattered. I wanted to represent Norway in Eurovision. I fully understand that Eurovision 2020 has been canceled due to the corona virus, but I hoped for a long time that NRK would do as many other countries and support its artist by sending the artist to Eurovision in 2021 with a new song. So naturally I am very disappointed with NRK's ​​decision today to run an ordinary MGP season next year. It breaks my heart over the fans who have been absolutely fantastic supporters and extended family over the last few months, that we will not have the opportunity to experience ESC together. I want you guys to know that Christoffer and I have been fighting to the last minute to try to make this possible. This was our dream ❤️ NRK has offered me to be a finalist in MGP 2021 now as it will be a regular MGP year. As of now I have declined, but you should never say never. I don't want a final place on the grounds that I did not go to Eurovision this year, but because I might have had as good a song as "Attention" on the table right now. Now I want to focus on other exciting projects going forward. Lots of love for you all ❤️