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Vasil Garvanliev's ESC song "You" is released! #NorthMacedonia

The Macedonian broadcaster MRT has internally picked Vasil Garvanliev to go to Rotterdam for Eurovision Song Contest 2020. And today his song "You" is released!


The interesting thing about Vasil is he is not stranger to the Eurovision arena. Guess what !?

At Eurovision 2019 he was one of the backings for Tamara's Proud.

In 2007 Vasil Garvanliev was one of the finalists in North Macedonia's national selection for Eurovision, with the song "Pomogni mi".

Vasil is truly proud to represent North Macedonia:

– I am beyond honoured to present my country at the Song Contest in Rotterdam and I can hardly wait to put all my experience and knowledge into creating a magical journey that will touch people’s heart across Europe.