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VICTORIA will represent Bulgaria in Eurovision 2021!

National broadcaster BNT is announced that; VICTORIA will represent Bulgaria in Eurovision 2021!


Before cancellation of Eurovision 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak, VICTORIA had been internally selected by national broadcaster BNT. She had released her song “Tears Getting Sober” and took first place in the odds.

After cancellation of Eurovision 2020, Victoria who is a potential winner of Eurovision 2020 is posted her sadness from Instagram account.

However, EBU is decided last night that; All songs from Eurovision 2020 will NOT eligible for Eurovision 2021.

After that national Broadcaster BNT said;

”Announcement tomorrow”


People thought that, Bulgaria might withdraw from the contest due to EBU’s decision. But today they announced that they’ll participate Eurovision 2021 with the same artist VICTORIA! But due to EBU’s strick rule they have to create a new song.

BNT made an official announcement as below;

Having considered the situation with the cancellation of #Eurovision Song Contest 2020, the follow-up decisions, and after heated internal discussion with many different opinions, we would like to announce the following (a thread will follow below). As one of the countries that opted for the strongest measures against the spread of 2019-nCOV, we fully understand the grounds for the decision to cancel Eurovision Song Contest. In situation like this health should be the main priority. As much as we don't share it, we also respect the decision of the Reference group. Therefore, we will be looking for new songs and ideas. The selection process wil start from scratch immediately. We would like to thank the team of the contest for their passion and professionalism durnf the build up to what was destined to be one of the best shows to date. We sincerely hope that everyone will get the chance to see the result of their hard work next year. In 2020 Bulgaria returned to the competition after absence of 1 year due to economic reasons, after putting huge effort to bring together a long list of public and private stakeholders. Of course, a great shoutout to Victoria, Borislav Milanov, Lucas Oscar, Cornelia Wiebols, the musicians from the Sofia philharmony for creating such a great song and Marvin Dietmann and Ambra Succi for working so hard on a great stage performance. The Bulgarian return to Eurovision was not meant to be just a one-off effort. We believe that this contest is highly beneficial for the Bulgarian artists and the local TV industry not only by offering us a great exposure but also opportunities for expanding the knowledge. As VICTORIA already stated, and despite the decision taken yesterday, we still think that the right move is to grant the artists and the participating broadcasters the right to decide how to proceed acccording to their particular cases.We also would like to declare our commitment to all performers from other countries who would like to promote themselves and their music in Bulgaria. Currently, we are discussing with our media partners the right way to offer ESCmusic from 2020 to our TV & radio market. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that all involved in the event (fans, host broadcatsers, production team, local government, delegations, artists) still have the geniuine right to feel disappointed by the outcome.


We will continue to work on building tradition in the country by contributing to Eurovision Song Contest as much as we can, by promoting it extensively and by staying loyal, open and honest to everyone. Once again, we will be represented by @victoriageorge_ . Subsequently, all longer-term plans, such as choice of future representatives or the work on possible national selection will be postponed with 1 year. Now #StayHome but, please, don't stop dreaming! :)