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Vincent Bueno will represent #Austria ­č玭čç╣ in Eurovision 2021

Vincent Bueno will sing for Austria in Eurovision 2021

Vincent Bueno would have represented Austria with his song "Alive". After the necessary cancellation of the Eurovision, the ORF has offered him to participate again.

ORF program director Mag. Kathrin Zechner: ÔÇťWe chose Vincent Bueno last December because he is a unique performer, with his passion, he takes every stage and would have swept Europe away with his incredible energy. In the past few months, he has fully met our expectations regarding the commitment, creativity and artistic implementation of his song, the video and his planned performance.

Vincent Bueno sings for Austria in 2021

A decision has already been made for the 2021 song contest. Vincent Bueno, who would have represented Austria in Rotterdam in May with his song "Alive", will start with a new song at the world's largest music competition next year.

Mag. Kathrin Zechner: "We also believe in our artist Vincent Bueno for the replacement ESC 2021! We are convinced that he will represent Austria with a new song at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 perfectly. "

Vincent Bueno: "I am incredibly happy that I can be there next year and thank the ORF for its trust." And further: "When I heard about the cancellation, I first tried to think positively and the time saved to spend with my family. Still, it felt like I just couldn't complete something. It makes me all the more happy that those responsible at ORF give me the chance to complete this unfulfilled mission next year. "Alive" was already a strong number for me, and we set the bar very high. My goal is to surpass this for next year and we use the time to start with the best possible song for Austria in 2021. "