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WATCH: TIX's Music Video for "Fallen Angel" is out now!


TIX aka Andreas Haukeland has won the Melodi Grand Prix 2021 Norway and had his ticket to the Eurovision 2021 with his "Fallen Angel"

Hotly-anticipated music video of Fallen Angel has been published today.

What’s the story behind Fallen Angel ?

The video presents the story behind the artist from his childhood until today. This is a story about being different, experiencing bullying and finding the strength to deal with challenges in life.

Andreas Haukeland AKA TIX says this about the video release:

"To grow up with something that makes you feel a little bit different than everybody else, can be challenging. When we were planning the video for «Fallen Angel», this was the story I wanted to present, based on experiences from my own childhood, to inspire kids and youths that relates to that situation and those feelings. "
I grew up with Tourettes Syndrom and was named “Tics” due to my involuntarily sounds and twitches in my face. I decided to embrace the name, and the character TIX was born. In Norway, a big part of the population knows me as the one I’ve grown to be, and I believe it is important to tell my background story, and show them that there is always light in the end of the tunnel. Even an ugly duckling can become a swan.”

You can watch the video clip of Fallen Angel below.

The video is directed and produced by Brusjan AS.