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Watch Tonight: Melodi Grand Prix Heat 2


Norway's national final Melodi Grand Prix 2021 is looking for the 'one' to represent Norway in Eurovision 2021. Total 26 songs will compete: 6 them are pre-qualified for the final, and 20 will compete in five heats.

In last week's first heat, it was confirmed that Blåsemafian feat. Hazel won the ticket for Grand-Final.

The format of Heat 2 will be the same that of which four songs will be drawn into duels in the beginning of Heat 2. The winner of the two duels will battle it out in a Gold Duel. The winner of the Gold Duel will qualify to the Final of MGP to be held on 20 February 2021.

How and when can I watch Melodi Grand Prix 2021 - Heat 2 ?

You can watch Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2021 Heat-2 from here at 19:50-21.15 (CET)

Who will compete in Melodi Grand Prix Heat 2?

1) Raylee- Hero

2) Daniel Owen-Psycho

3) Maria Solheim - Nordlyset

4) Ketil Stokkan - My Life is OK