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Watch Tonight: Melodi Grand Prix Heat 5


Tonight at 19:50 CET, Melodi Grand Prix continues with tour 5!

The 4 songs will be drawn into duels in the beginning of Heat 5. The winner of the two duels will battle it out in a Gold Duel. The winner will qualify to the final of Melodi Grand Prix which will be held on 20 February 2021.

Running Order

  • Ane.Fin – "Walking In My Sleep"

  • Imerika – "I Can't Escape"

  • River – "Coming Home"

  • TuVeia – "Bli med meg på gar'n"

It's expected from the pre-qualified finalist Rein Alexander who did compete last year with his 'One Last Night' is expected to perform "Eyes Wide Open" during Heat 5.

You can listen all of Heat 5 songs from here

How to watch and when ?

You can watch Melodi Grand Prix Heat 5 from here on 19.50 CET.