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What's the best thing to do while waiting Eurovision season ? Yes, that's right: Watching pre-parties!

Before pandemic, almost all Eurovision participants had a chance to travel to Spain and perform their live Eurovision entries with audience. Because of pandemic, this year Spain's pre-Eurovision party "PrePartyES" will be performed remotely as of last year.

This year Spain's pre-party will last 3 hours and 15 minutes and there will be amazing performances by 31 Eurovision participants and 9 extra special guests!

When and how to watch PrePartyES 2021?

Blas Cantó, Suzy and Victor Escudero will be the presenters of tonight's party.

You can watch Spain's PrePartyES 2021 below at 21.00 CET 👇

Who will perform at PrePartyES 2021?

Eurovision 2021 Participants: -Albina (Croatia) -Anxhela Peristeri (Albania) -Barbara Pravi (France) -Benny Cristo (Czech Republic) -Blas Cantó (Spain) -Daði Freyr (Iceland) -Destiny (Malta) -Efendi (Azerbaijan) -Elena Tsagrinou (Cyprus) -Go_A (Ukraine) -Hooverphonic (Belgium) -Hurricane (Serbia) -James Newman (United Kingdom) -Jendrik (Germany) -Lesley Roy (Ireland) -Maneskin (Italy) -Manizha (Russia) -Montaigne (Australia) -Natalia Gordienko (Moldova) -Rafał (Poland) -Roxen (Romania) -Samanta Tina (Latvia) -Senhit (San Marino) -Stefania (Greece) -The Black Mamba (Portugal) -The Roop (Lithuania) -Tusse (Sweden) -Uku Suviste (Estonia) -Vasil (North Macedonia) -Vincent Bueno (Austria) -Victoria (Bulgaria)

Extra Special Guests: -Dami Im (Australia 2016) -KEiiNO (Norway 2019) -Miki (Spain 2019) -Naviband (Belarus 2017) -Sirusho (Armenia 2008) -Soleá (Junior Eurovision 2020)