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Will Montaigne take part in Rotterdam Ahoy stage ?


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, It’s still unknown if all Eurovision 2021 participants will have a chance to travel Rotterdam to take stage in Rotterdam Ahoy, or not.

In the current scenario, it‘a expected that all delegations will come to Rotterdam, but for some participants this is a very difficult possibility.

Sietse Bakker who is the producer of Eurovision 2021 stated that, Australia’s participation situation is still uncertain.

Australia‘s situation is tough because there are some strict travel restrictions. We hope to hear more information soon.

"Everything is much easier, especially for countries within the EU," Bakker said for delegations from European Union.

The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 received a privilege from the Netherland’s Ministry of Education & Culture, so participants will be allowed to come to the Netherlands despite travel restrictions.

"This means that, for now we almost expect all delegations to have a chance to travel to Rotterdam and perform here.”

Source: RT Bouelavard