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Would you like to sort your ESC 2020 favorites in an extra easy way ?

As of yesterday, we know all 41 songs which will compete in Eurovision 2020. Are you still undecided as to who your favorite is? Look no further: this tool will help you get that sorted out. I am using this quick and easy tool to sort them according to my likes!


Mr. Gerbear has a web site which help us to sort our Eurovision 2020 entries according to our likes, in a correct order!

Every year, it's getting really hard to sort of our favorites due to revealed songs. People are using really useful apps like My Eurovision Scoreboard. With this app you can easily sort of your favorites, according to your likes. Here is a below sample for you from Eurovision 2018 ;

So if you know your favorites you can sort them in My Eurovision Scoreboard app. But the question is: "Can you determine your favorites with no doubt ?"

For this issue, you can use Mr. Gerbear's free website.

How it works?

When you click this web site , you are given 2 countries and their entries. It's like a duell! Click which one you like better, and go on until the end. To share your ranking with your friends, just take a screenshot of the result at the end!

Below you can find a sample ;

After you've completed all duels (appr. 5 min.) please let us know which countries are your favorites!

You can use this easy & quick website, for every year!